ImageMap Screenshot ImageMap is a JAVA Application for creating Client-Side Imagemaps for HTML pages.
It can parse existing Imagemaps from HTML files. It's possible to edit the Imagemap in visiual or source mode, the other mode is updated automatically.

  • add points to existing polygon
  • remove points from existing polygon
  • while drawing polygons the current point snaps to existing points of other polygons
  • rectangular and circle shapes can be converted to polygons
  • zoom in by factor 2, 4 or 8


 Download ImageMap
To start ImageMap, extract the archive content and double click on ImageMap.jar or run "java -jar ImageMap.jar".
 Download ImageMap source

This program is released under the GNU General Public License.

To run this program you need at least version 1.2 of the JAVA Runtime Environment.
 download the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE)


Main window

Source view

Zoom by factor 4

Drawing Guides