LogicSim is an AMIGA program to simulate digital logic circuits. It has a full graphic user interface to design and edit the circuits.
This is a snapshot of the LogicSim main window.
Click here to view full size image with controls. (67k)


  • unlimited number of gates
  • user definable work space
  • AND, OR, NAND, NOR and XOR gates with 2, 3 or 5 inputs
  • RS, JK, JKMS, T and D flip flops
  • JKMS and T FlipFlops with independent Set and Reset inputs
  • user definable Timer: Clock, Monoflop, turn on delay and turn off delay
  • saving the circuit as iff or print it
  • input inverter
  • traffic light model
  • 7 segment display in HEX or decimal
  • highlighting of wires with HIGH while simulating
  • replacing "compatible" gates without removing them first
  • you can label your gates with selectable position and font
  • ALL windows are font sensitive and resizable
  • UNDO function
  • AmigaGuide online help with diagrams
  • it's localized (currently English, German, Swedish, Spanish, Danish)
  • copy/cut/insert function
  • scope with unlimited number of channels
  • grid
  • it's free (mail-ware)

Files to download

  •  LogicSim version 1.1 (230k, 05-Jun-96) (also on Aminet: misc/sci/LogicSim11.lha)
    New for version 1.1:
    • added scope
    • added grid
    • fixed bugs

  •  LogicSim v 1.11 beta 3 update (82k, 11-Aug-96)
    Executable only ! Full archive still needed.

    Catalogs for LogicSim v1.1 and 1.11beta3:
  •  Danish (2k, 16-Jul-96), done by Flemming Steffensen
  •  Finnish (2k, 02-Aug-96), done by Timo Kaikumaa
  •  Spanish (3k, 31-Oct-96), done by Juan Antonio Rodriguez Artamendi
  • German and Swedish catalogs are included in the LogicSim v1.1 archive


  •  Crossroads.lha (7k, 22-Sep-96) Crossroads simulation

Click here for JAVA Version of LogicSim.